Organizing Your Garage with Different Types of Storage Systems


The most important tip to keep in mind when it comes to organizing your garage is this: As much as you can, keep items off of the floor. You will not only end up having more room for your car, but you will also avoid creating piles of clutter.

1. Utilize Your Garage’s Overhead Space
Seasonal sports gear, ladders, and other flat, long items you don’t regularly use can be safely stored in your garage by hanging them from the ceiling. According to Garage Door Repair leave enough room below the shelves hung from the ceiling. This helps to ensure that the garage door can easily be opened and closed without any interference.

2. Install a Lockable Cabinet
This will be a great place for storing pesticides and other chemicals that should not be accessed by your children.

3. Have Plastic Containers and Clear Jars On Hand
According to Garage Door Repair items that are not sealed can be placed in plastic containers to protect them from dirt, while different-sized hardware and other small items may be stored in clear jars.

4. Make Use of Handy Pegboards
Their holes and special hooks allow you to hang a number of items instead of leaving them lying on the floor. According to Garage Door Repair everything becomes more accessible and seen in plain view when hung on pegboards. These garage organizers are widely available, and can be easily installed and customized.

5. Look to Industrial Shelving, Specialized Racks, and Wall Panels for Help
Home improvement stores have fantastic garage storage systems and options. After determining what needs to be stored in your garage, browse these items and decide what would best meet your needs.

Industrial shelves are inexpensive options you can use to organize your garage items. Their light weight makes them easy to install, but they are durable enough to hold various items.

You can also attach slotted plastic panels to an entire wall. Cabinets, shelves, and hooks can then be locked into the slots, allowing you to utilize the wall space in your garage.

6. Invest in Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinets
Floor-to-ceiling organizing systems can be expensive, but they offer great value due to their ability to keep your garage clutter-free while lending it an aesthetic appeal. According to Garage Door Repair you will find it easy to organize your garage items in these cabinets. Plus, they help to prevent everything you put in them from gathering dust.

7. Store the Keepers for Now
Get several transparent plastic bins to store all the items you want to keep in your garage. For now, sort them according to use. You can then sort them later by type or season to make the categories more specific.